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Mathieu (56 years ) - Nationality Swiss - 31 August 2021 - Share on: Facebook - Twitter
"Hi there, I consider myself to be an ex-smoker now. I quit on 14 mars2016, thanks to your site which I came across by chance. I read the testimonies by other people, then I started a blog myself and received testimonies from other people who wanted to quit like me I read the site often, and encouraged other people myself. In fact it's a sort of bet with myself if other people can do it then why not me. That's the challenge I set myself and so far, I'm holding out. The day I came across Stop Tabac was for me the turning point. Articles, personal stories and lots of other things beside have been created to help you and I think that's great. I was an alcoholic but have been sober for 19 years and now I'm in charge of a help association for alcoholics. You see, anything is possible. Although I have problems just like everyone else, I no longer need a glass or a cig to solve them. Whether you're happy or sad, neither alcohol nor tobacco help us it's just an illusion, a feeling of wellbeing that's very fleeting, but also sneaky because you have to regularly increase your dosage and by the time you've realised you've got a problem, it's generally too late, you're addicted, and at that point you start saying, I'll stop! But tomorrow! I could write pages here, but I just want to tell those who want to quit: YES, IT'S POSSIBLE. Best wishes, and thanks again."

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