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Men :

Anonym (60 years )
Nationality Australian
09 October 2020

After smoking for 33 years knew I wanted to give up 10 years ago and have several attempts. About 2 months ago I decided I had to try again. I brought a box of Nicotine patches which I have found kills the craving and my usual amount of tobacco. I started with the patches and a promise to myself not to buy any more tobacco and for the next couple of weeks only smoked a couple a day, almost always at night. Knowing the tobacco was running out I approached the day of reckoning without knowing if I could hold out and resist the temptation to buy more. I was still using patches but something would trigger it and the thought of having a smoke would invade my brain. I did the distraction thing a few times, got drunk more often than I should and ate snack food. I thought about reneging on my promise or recycling tobacco scraps (butts). Today is 6 weeks since I "gave up", 4 weeks since I smoked a cigarette and 2 weeks since I used a patch. I tell myself I've taken up "not smoking" . I know I'll feel bad for couple of month as my body starts to repair, I never want to smoke again so I'll just have the cope. Thanks for all the great stories everyone, it helps.
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