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Joints and tobacco :

Dawit (31 years )
Nationality Eritrean
26 February 2017

My name is dawit 31/m.i smoked for 13 years and joints 3 years .i quiet with the help of this apps I really appreciate it.before I can't pass even one day then I downloaded it and with daily advice I am woundering I pass 3 weeks I am so happy.daily that send me advice helped me to quite with out any problems.becouse they told me what will happen to me and I am ready to face the problems really I am woundering this apps daily they send to me advice.i used nicotine patch with this one at 1 week I hate deeply when I smell smoke and I pray also daily now I am free from any problems.the main thing is our brain!no one help us just only they give us advice.we should prpaire our brain.i am wondering how powerfull is our brain totally I am new man that sharp fast my talent and eduction outomatically.for 13 years problems solve with this app than you very much even I had not go to doctor self healing with the help of advice this app.i bilve any man can stop smoke with this app whatever years they smoked it's our brain thank you that give me apportuntinty for this testimony lord bless you all!!!
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Dawit  36
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Dawit  26 February 2017


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