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Lily (42 years )
Nationality USA
29 September 2003

I started smoking in my teens. I have consistently smoked 3/4 of a pack a day for at least 20 years. The last 10 years I have had a chronic cough and some wheezing. I seriously tried to quit about 3 times. I never made it past a month without falling for the old "I can have just ONE, I've been so GOOD" bullshit. This time I am using patches and gum. I've been "ex-smoker" for 5 weeks now. The patches have made a big difference. Other than missing my smokes a couple times a day, I am doing just fine. I think about it less every day. I know this time that I cannot ever have even ONE cigarette. The thought depresses me but I am committed. I do not want to die young from a smoking related illness. I do not want my (nonsmoking) husband to have to watch me die, or help me lug around an oxygen tank. I started a fitness regime about a year ago, and I think that being physically fit has also helped me this time around. Its nice to breathe easier during workouts. I also enjoy laying next to my husband without worrying about wheezing or coughing. I think the time was finally right for me to quit. Still, it is the hardest thing I have ever done.
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