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Anonym (62.7 years ) - Nationality canadian - 08 September 2020 - Share on: Facebook - Twitter
"Well here I am reading testimonials of successful quitters, recent and years gone by. I stopped smoking today. I have been a smoker for 54 years of my 62+ years, and cannot remember not even ONE DAY without those bastards. I will not share the reason I got tricked into addiction, that is, smoking in the first place; suffice to say, I was very young, and very vulnerable. Hopelessness, anger, frustration, defeat, and a battered self worth is all tobacco has to offer. Regardless of one's intelligence, addiction, is addiction, period!! Two options become ultimately apparent; keep on the speeding path toward early death, or QUIT!! It became that simple to me a few days ago. Last week I walked to the end of my driveway, and was panting from the uphill return to my home. When I thought about it, I remembered a number of times I had to sit down from my renovation efforts at home, excusing it as "renovations are intense work, and I am, after all, 62 years of age.............." They taste like crap, they smell like crap, they get ashes and yellow everywhere, clothes and all. Anyways I didn't really come here to tell you all what you already know. I read some pretty emotional testimonials here, and really wanted to say THANK YOU, ALL!! I felt alone till now, and my gorgeous wife of 35 years quit smoking 11 years ago, and I couldn't find the strength it took for her to quit, and use it on myself. All the testimonials I read here have helped me tremendously to get through DAY #1!! So, THANK YOU, AGAIN!! Still it is a lonely walk of shame for the time being, but as one testimonial said it best, and hopefully this is true, "the first few days are the hardest". Thanks again, everyone, and best of wishes to all!! :)"

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